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Treating Customers Fairly

As professionals in the insurance industry, we believe we should be treating you fairly all the time. It should be true of all our contact with you, and it should be second-nature.

The questions we ask ourselves to make sure that you have been treated fairly include:

• Did we make sure we understood your needs and your circumstances before making any recommendation?

• If we have made a recommendation to you, have we given you enough information to make an informed choice?

• Did we provide you with the information at the right time i.e. before you made your decision?

• Did we draw your attention to any special features or exceptions?

• Was any of our contact with you unclear or misleading?

• Was the product suitable and appropriate to your needs?

• Did we provide the professional service for which we pride ourselves?

We would recommend that you ask yourself the same questions in assessing your contact with us, and if you are unhappy about something or feel that you have not been treated fairly, please tell us.

We will always put your interests first, not just because we should, but also because we rely on you, our customers, to provide us with recommendations and referrals to help us grow our business.

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