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No-one benefits from having a claim, no matter how good we are at what we do, so we do encourage every effort to reduce the likelihood and the effects of a loss. This may include discussing your management and housekeeping practises, health & safety issues or disaster recovery planning.

If a loss has occurred, the last thing anyone wants is to face is problems in getting the claim settled. Unfortunately, it is no longer safe to assume that an insurer will try to find ways of settling a claim favourably. In today's economic climate it is safer to assume that an insurer will look more closely at losses with the intention of reducing payments or of avoiding them altogether.

Some of the most common reasons for claims not being paid:

Warranty Breaches

Even when everything else is OK, poor record-keeping can cause long delays before an offer of settlement is made, and can drastically reduce the amount of a settlement, so please do everything possible to make sure you can substantiate your losses.

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